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 SSRC Rodeos 2024

Order of Events:


Begin 8:45  Grand Entry and prayer

9:00  Begin with Leadline events 

$5 ea. Leadline - Barrels, Stakes and Goat Ribbon Pull

        Stickhorse - Barrels, Poles and Stakes   $6 goats

        All Leadline events will be set up in stations

$5   Ground Roping (Little Wranglers and Peanuts) 

$15 Mutton Bustin (up to age 6 with 50 pound limit)

$5   Flags (All age groups)

$5   Straightaway Barrels (All age groups)

$5   Barrels (All age groups) 

$5   Poles (All age groups) 

$5   Stakes (All age groups) 

$5   Stakes (All age groups)  

$5   Trail course

$12 Goat Tying (Peanuts, PeeWees, Jrs. and Srs.)

                  entry fees above are inclusive stock charges

$23  Tie Down Calf Roping (Peewees, Jrs, Srs.) 

$23  Break Away Roping (Peanuts, Peewees, Jrs, Srs.) 

$28  Ribbon Roping (All age groups)   

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Age divisions:

               [age at 01/01/2024]


Leadline - any age with assistance

Little Wranglers  0-6

Peanuts               7-9

PeeWees         10-13

Juniors             14-17

Seniors             18 and above

Want to join?   -- visit the 

               Membership tab above

               for info on membership and                     entering events.

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